Will Democrat Lauren Linville’s Ties To Republican Operative Bring Miami-Dade Politics To Coconut Creek?

Last month, REDBROWARD exposed Coconut Creek Democrat Lauren Linville’s troubling comments about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests. And just like a wounded politician facing bad press, Linville, a candidate for the Coconut Creek City Commission, attacked the media. In a damage control message to supporters, Linville tried to distract from her own words by calling your humble reporter a “Republican operative and blogger.” Clearly, Linville hoped Democrat voters would reject any news from a “Republican operative.”

But Lauren Linville failed to mention her partner, a man she calls “my brother,” is an actual living and breathing “Republican operative.”

Lauren Linville is a board member of the Beacon For Change, non-profit organization aiding the Bahamas. The Beacon For Change CEO is Sonless D. Martin Jr.

Sonless Martin was the longtime aide for Miami-Dade Commissioner Xavier Suarez, a Republican. When Suarez ran for Miami-Dade Mayor last year, Martin was paid thousands of dollars by Imagine Miami PC, a pro-Suarez political committee. Before working for Suarez, Martin was an aide for Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera, another Republican.

In August 2020, Sonless D. Martin himself appeared on the Miami-Dade ballot. Martin ran for the committeeman position on the Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee. Martin lost.

How did Lauren Linville become a close ally of an honest to goodness “Republican operative?” Did they meet while she worked at the private prison company The GEO Group?

Is Martin, a seasoned “Republican operative” acting as an advisor to Lauren Linville? Is Xavier Suarez moving to Coconut Creek?

Do Coconut Creek voters really want Miami-Dade “Republican operatives” reshaping their community?

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